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The Secret Garden

Ritual Theatre of the Sacred Erotic

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Oct 12-14, 2022 | Toronto, Stockyards

This way to Eden 🏛  🌸 🐚
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This is ritual theatre

An immersive experience unlike any other, ritual theatre takes mythopoetic journeys and makes them real.

A cross between ritual and performance art, the intention is to bring about healing and transformation.


One of the oldest forms of healing and theatre, ritual theatre is unparalleled in its depth and transformative power.

There are two ways to experience this show:



They will be the Hero/Heroine of the story. 

They will be walking the Labyrinth and interacting with the priestesses they encounter within it.

They will be given tasks, challenges, and transmissions from the Goddess.

They will very much be part of this interactive experience.


2. As a VOYEUR 

They will be walking alongside the lead player as they move through the labyrinth.

They will be dressed in all black and masked.

As witnesses, they will receive the codes of what's transpiring before them by being present to it all.

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Come, enter the Goddess Labyrinth.


Leave the sanitized world of rules and division behind. Slide up close to the divine feminine as she unfurls something to stir your soul.

Enter The Secret Garden.


A Ritual Theatre of Sacred

Erotic Energy


Have you ever seen what a woman can do when she is fully empowered? 

When her pleasure is honoured, 

when her desires are safe to be shared, 

when her feminine essence is dignified.


This is a transmission.

These are the codes for human ascension.

We are evolving through play and delight.


Let it open your heart

Let it expand your mind 

Let it drop you down into the core of your power

And connect you to your own erotic energies as they rise up from your depths


This is how we reclaim the innocence of the erotic and harness it for our mutual empowerment.

This is the game everybody wins.

Inside our Growth Chambers,
you will have close encounters with the erotically-charged feminine

that is too delicate and precious for everyday life.

Feel your charge build

Come into more aliveness

Welcome your sexual energy
Connect it to your soul 

Open it to your heart

Let it obliterate your rigid mind

And drop you down into your body

Get comfortable with your power

Experience your aligned presence


Be enlivened by intimacy

This is Adult-Play.


Erotic power held in ritual with intention to be in the sacred together.

You will view the show and be part of a shared experience.
You will face challenge and be asked to engage with what you see.

Respect is paramount.

This is an initiation for the masculine in all of us.

Come with us as we slip into another dimension,
just inside this one, only deeper and more exciting.
Where none of our sexual energy is denied
It’s made sacred through the heart.

This experience is for anyone who:

  • Wants to be up close to feminine power and learn from it

  • Anyone who wants to learn the codes for igniting feminine desire

  • Anyone who wants to sharpen their masculine mastery

  • And witness these ancient energies in their rightful relationship


Come collect the keys