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Tulum - Austin - Toronto

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May 5, 2023 | Manor Tulum

Weave Your New Reality
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An Immersive theatre Experience

Live Performance Art & Sacred Sexual Priestessing

∞ write a new reality for yourself before you die ∞

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Live Performances

-Living Erotic Art


-Temple Performance Art

-Ritual Storytelling

-Live Singing & Vocal Alchemy

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Conscious Dance Party

-Live DJ

-Guided Sensual Connection Practices

-Sound Bath to close out the evening

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Rooftop Bar

-Herbal Elixirs

-Delicious Treats


A Labyrinth Journey

An interactive experience in an intimate group that dissolves the separation between the performers and the audience.

You will become part of the unfolding story to write a new reality for yourself before you die.

This is cutting-edge theatre where you don't take a seat but walk through the Chambers of the Labyrinth, each a world of their own, and get up close with the performers.


Journey through the layers of your inner to discover what lives there.

This is a chance to become the master of your own story: Are you ready to rewrite your own script?

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There are two ways to experience this show:


1. As a LEAD PLAYER (only 5 spots available)

You will be the Hero/Heroine of the story. 

You will be walking the Labyrinth and interacting with the priestesses you encounter within it.

You will be given tasks, challenges, and transmissions from the Goddess.

You will very much be part of this interactive experience.


2. As a VOYEUR 

You will be walking alongside the lead player as they move through the labyrinth.

You will be dressed in your costume and masquerade masks.

As witnesses, you will receive the codes of what's transpiring before you by being present to it all.

Lip Press


A 1-night only experience in our Halloween Themed labyrinth.

OBJX Studio

100 Symes Rd Unit 200a (Enter through Door #2 Receiving)

Toronto, ON

M6N 5C9


GROUP 1 - 6 PM
GROUP 2 - 7:15 PM

GROUP 3 - 8:30 PM


You will be given an arrival time to enter the Labyrinth. Small bites & elixirs are available for purchase before and after your experience.

There will be performances in the lounge throughout the night.



Voyeurs | $75 | $100 at door
Lead Role | By Tithe*

Masquerade Ball | $35 | $50 at the door


Come Create Content

Tickets are $50


No Phones, No Media, No Voyeurs.

Tribute is 4 Figures
Inquire Here



General Admission
Voyeurs | $200
Lead Role | By Tithe*








inside the labyrinth

Those who have walked our Labyrinth describe it as
an unexpected journey of self-realization, growth & evolution.
Mind blown. Body blown. Soul blown.
I am lifted.
You have ascended me.
Had a truly special experience... such a unique portrayal of different facets of the divine feminine in balance and celebration of self and pleasure.
I've never heard or seen anything like it. It was weird, sexy, seductive, exciting, relaxing, and fun. It really hit like a wave of emotions.
So wonderful and well done. I had a great time with much depth, beauty and understanding.
A magical beautiful powerful savage intimate delicate awakening sensual loving night.

Meet your CREATORS

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Immersive Theatre Temple

We awaken “Priestexxes”: we train and educate aspiring priestesses in the art of Sexual Empowerment to liberate their expression & embody the shape of their Divinity.


The Secret Garden is an Institute of Mysteries - initiating pilgrims into their soul’s magic and fullest expression.

At the centre, the Secret Garden is a playground for Priestexxes. It’s a space where we can come together, exchange forbidden knowledge, up-level performance skills, practice full embodiment in a supportive field, and together open portals to the magic realm.


Our live shows are opportunities for everyone else to join us in this realm and for the Priestexxes to share their transformative power with those who are ready to receive direct transmissions.

  • What is Ritual Theatre?
    Ritual theatre can be defined as “the enactment of a myth or archetypal story with the intention of bringing about healing”. Ritual theatre involves taking participants on a journey to experience the different faces and facets of themselves through the mythic adventures of monsters and heroes, gods and goddesses, angels and demons. Ritual theatre is an ancient form of healing which is still practiced today in earth-based and tribal cultures; it is finding a renaissance in the modern world. Ritual theatre allows us to explore parts of the collective unconscious, our psyches, and mythic realms which are difficult to express or explain in conscious terms. Shamanic Priestesses in ancient temples and nature’s sacred groves would don masks and costumes and embody different archetypes, elemental, animal, and cosmic. They would also channel messages from other realms as Oracle. Pilgrims who visited these temples or sites would be brought through transformational initiations with the temple priestesses. Temple dancers have been a part of Goddess temple life through the ages, transmitting the frequencies of Love, Beauty, and the Divine Mother. Their dances themselves were initiatory spiritual activations. In ritual theatre, we enact and embody the heavenly (superconscious realms) as well as the underworld (unconscious realms) and bring them to earth. In this is an inner marriage, a divine re-unification. As above, so below. As below, so above. A coming together of what is holy & divine, with what is physical & human. A reunification of spirit & sex. The world is starved for this. Quoted Source:
  • What is a Labyrinth?
    It is a continuous path with intricate passageways. With one way in and one way out, each Chamber evokes a different realm of the Goddess.
  • What is a Chamber?
    They are rooms you walk through in the Labyrinth. Each room contains a different initiation through immersive experiences where you get to live out your learned wisdom. Apply what you’ve learned, see where you’re at and how you do with challenges within a container crafted for your growth and evolution. It’s a self-affirming experience. As the lead role, you'll be directly experiencing & interacting with the goddesses you meet in the growth chambers. As a voyeur, you'll receive energetic transmissions through your role as a witness.
  • “I’m a high-profile person and can’t be seen.”
    We recommend you request a private experience where you will walk the Labyrinth alone. A Blackout night – No phones, No media, No voyeurs. Just you and the priestesses. The tribute is 4 figures. On Level 1 & 2 nights, voyeurs will be masked the entire time.
  • Who can walk the Labyrinth?
    Everyone is eligible. There is an aptitude test to qualify your readiness for this adventure. You will complete this test after you request your ticket.
  • * What is a Tithe?
    A tithe is a financial offering to the Goddess. As a lead role in the Labyrinth, you are asked to make 2 financial offerings. One at the time of purchase, and the 2nd after your Labyrinth experience. Please make your second offering within 48 hours following the event. Voyeurs are also welcome to offer a tithe upon departure.


Thanks for submitting!


Manor Tulum

Calle Kabah Mz 8 Lt 4,

Aldea Zama, 77760

Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

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