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Open your Heart with: Rose Petals, Mint, Holy Basil, Oatstraw and Honey


The healing herbs in this elixir have been chosen to support your nervous system and adrenals, to gently re-establish a parasymphatethic nervous system response.


This elixir is also very supportive to your systems during/after shock and trauma, and is helpful for any kind of healing journey.


If you are experiencing heightened anxiety or stress, this is the ideal elixir for your daily routine.


Rose has a very strong healing frequency; it is gentle but work deeply with our heart to support presencing our pain. The tinctured rose petals contain vitamins and minerals that help move toxins, heat, and overall congestion in the body. It is an anti-inflamatory, antioxidant, calms the nervous system, promotes self love, and connects you to your emotions.


Holy Basil is amazing adaptogenic herb. It is anti-bacterial, antibiotic, and an anti-oxidant. It is very effective for mental and spiritual relief, as it can instantly relieve stress and nervous tension.


All of the plants in this formula are lovingly combined with the geometries of Bee medicine (raw honey) in this tincture to offer you the gifts of both the Honey Bee and Plant spirit beings. Honey is anti-imflammatory, naturally anti-biotic and anti-fungal, and provides a host of minerals and energy for your nourishment.


This formula is our favourite during and post-ceremony, to help bring all the light activations, downloads, and initiations deep into your cellular matrix.


Place a few drops on or under the tongue, allow yourself to feel the response in your body. We recommend 1 - 4 full droppers daily, but follow your intuition and take as needed.


This formula was designed by a registered clinical herbalist.

Ascension Integration

  • It is our intention for you to be happy with your purchase however we do not issue refunds.

  • The client pays shipping costs, however it is also available for pickup.

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